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QQML Animations

13/10/20201 Min Read — In Qt

Why we need Animations ? When it comes to creating user interfaces, for us, making UI look better is more important than being just functional. Even basic animatons can improve user experience a lot…

JJetPack vs. Yocto on Jetson

04/09/20201 Min Read — In Yocto

What to use? First, Jetson platform is a great product for developing deep learning apps on embedded systems. I’m sure whatever OS will be inside it, there will be great achievements. Development…

QQt Quick vs. Qt Widgets?

20/10/20191 Min Read — In Qt

First, what is Qt Widgets at all? Qt Widgets is a collection of UI elements for creating desktop apps i.e all the native UI look without using WPF, UWP or for Mac Swifty things. Ok, but? As it is…